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Husband Forwood Morgan is a Partnership. The Partners are Peter Crook and Jonathan Peter Davies.

Husband Forwood Morgan is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the United Kingdom under number 51664. Our Profession Rules and Code of Conduct are at

Our VAT Registration Number is 163 6269 52.

The address for service is Husband Forwood Morgan, 26 Exchange Street East, Liverpool, L2 3PH.

Husband Forwood Morgan maintains compulsory Professional Indemnity Insurance with Maven Underwriters which is a trading name of AON UK Limited of 40, Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 1EN.


In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service the firm is providing or the amount of your bill, please contact the person who is dealing with the matter or their supervisor. If you are still not satisfied, please write to our Complaints Partner either by letter at 26 Exchange Street East, Liverpool L2 3PH or by email at If at the end of our investigations you are still not satisfied, you are open to contact the Legal Ombudsman of PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9JW or by telephone on 0300 5550 333 or by email to

The Legal Ombudsman can investigate complaints up to 6 years from the date of the problem happening or within 3 years of when someone should have found out about the problem. However, if we send a final written response to your complaint within 8 weeks of receiving it, the time limit for you to refer the matter to the Legal Ombudsman will be 6 months from the date of that final response.

Privacy Notice


This Notice sets out how Husband Forwood Morgan (HFM) collects, uses, retains, discloses and deletes your personal information. It is prepared to comply with the GDPR and to inform you of Data Protection matters by reference to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

1 Data

1.1 This is any information which identifies you as its subject.
1.2 It includes your full name, address all communication contact details, Date of Birth, National Insurance Number and HM Revenue & Customs reference details.
1.3 HFM has a Data Security Policy, its Partners and staff receive ongoing training and supervision in the GDPR, and HFM conducts Data Protection Impact Assessments.

2 Collection and Use

2.1 Collection may be from you or a Court or other public body or a third party.
2.2 HFM would inform you of any Data which is collected other than from you.
2.3 Data collected would be used and disclosed and shared only for lawful purposes and in accordance with the Retainer with HFM by reference to our Terms of Business and described in our Engagement Letter which is countersigned by you.
2.4 Processing, and Disclosure outside HFM would be made only under of the following bases: Consent; Contract performance; Compliance with a Legal Obligation; Your Vital Interests; HFM’s Legitimate Interests; Public Interest or Official Authority.
2.5 Disclosure under part 2.4 can include your other professional advisers or Solicitors of another party with reference to your transactions or your Court proceedings.
2.6 Transfers of Data to a recipient in any other State would be under these provisions.
2.7 Your data will not be used for specific unrequested marketing of our services.

3 Subject Access Reports

3.1 GDPR includes the following rights for individuals as regards Data: Information;
Access; Rectification; Erasure; Restriction of Processing; Portability; Objection and
the Right not to be subject to Automated Decision-Making.
3.2 It is open to you to request from HFM disclosure and erasure of your Data held.
3.3 Disclosure to you would take place within Thirty Days of the request.
3.4 No fee for disclosure would be payable unless it is for a very large amount of Data,
in which case a Fee proportionate to our retrieval work would be charged.
3.5 We would confirm with you a precise definition of any Data requested to be erased.

4 Retention and Erasure

4.1 Retention of copy personal Identity Documentation would not last beyond a period of Five Years from when it was received from you.
4.2 All other Data would be retained in our archived Files until it is to be erased after a period of about Fifteen Years following its placing in the archive.
4.3 The archived File could be destroyed by a professional shedding company.

5 Data Protection Officer (DPO)

5.1 HFM has a DPO who is Jeremy Myers, a Practising Solicitor, contactable at HFM’s Office at 26 Exchange Street East, Liverpool L2 3PH (Tel: 0151-236 1744).
5.2 The DPO supervises Data Protection compliance within HFM and is the first person for you to contact in respect of any Data issues which you might want to raise.
5.3 The DPO under the supervision of HFM’s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice who is responsible to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

6 Breaches

6.1 It is HFM’s intention that its Security Policy and its ongoing training and supervision of Partners and Staff should ensure that no breaches will occur.
6.2 If you have reasonable belief that a breach of the GDPR might have taken place, this should be referred by you to our DPO. The DPO would investigate as a matter of urgency and would consider whether there needs to be a reference to the ICO.

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